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Superior Military Training Simulations

Integrated Air Defense System Modeling & Simulation

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DIADS is Live, Virtual and Constructive, end-to-end Integrated Air Defense System (IADS) simulation.

Digital IADS (DIADS) Representation

This mission-level model simulates the processes, data flows and operator displays of a threat IADS. DIADS provides a validated IADS environment to establish baseline mission effectiveness for Blue force and a means to evaluate systems, tactics and techniques to improve upon that baseline.

When integrated to a training environment, be it training and exercise range operations, or a complex joint simulation environment, DIADS will provide a realistic, real-time threat environment with a focus on:

Air Surveillance

Command and Control

Weapons Control

Weapons Fly-Out

Whole-IADS, Threat Representative Air Picture

This is recorded for analysis and/or playback post-mission. DIADS can also be operated faster than real-time in a test or research environment.

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Model and Player Development

Avarint maintains a staff of domain experts in electronic warfare (EW) systems and has years of experience in integrating and interfacing with community developed EW models. Avarint personnel, under a variety of contracts, works directly with several DoD and related agencies in the understanding, analysis and modeling of ground‐based and airborne radar systems, sensors, command and control networks, integrated air defense systems and techniques, communications and datalink radio systems. Avarint can create models within DIADS if models are not currently available.

graph of 3D Vector Error

Signal Simulation and Analysis

Avarint personnel have been verifying and validating the performance of the native DIADS radar model and C2 model against the real-world systems (when available) since the early 2000s and presenting the results for accreditation of systems in OT/DT M&S test. These activities are exemplified in the work being done in development of scenarios and players for several test programs as well as the ongoing maintenance and improvement of DIADS itself.